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A single-fire, first-come; first-served HTTP server.
Easily transfer files to and from your terminal and any browser on your local network.

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💡 How it works 💡

The first client to connect is allowed to attempt the file transfer.
All other clients attempting to connect during the transfer will be queued and allowed to attempt the transfer if the current client fails.
Once the transfer is succesful, all queued clients will receive 410 GONE status and oneshot will exit.

✨ Features ✨

💾 Download & Install 💾

Download binary (easiest method)
curl -L | sudo bash

brew tap raphaelreyna/homebrew-repo && brew install oneshot

Go get
go get -u -v

Compiling from source
git clone && cd oneshot && sudo make install

Windows executable
Head over to the releases page and download the windows .zip file.
Windows users might be interested in checkout Goneshot(beta).
If for some reason, you would rather not use a command line,
Goneshot(beta) wraps oneshot with a GUI, which might be easier to use.
A macOS version will probably be made at some point.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions ❓

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