A first-come-first-served, single-fire HTTP server. Easily transfer files to and from your computer and any browser.
Features include: HTTPS (including self-signing certificates), authentication, archiving (.zip & .tar.gz), mDNS (bonjour), a flexible CGI environment with default headers, serve from standard in, upload to standard out and more!

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Cloud native programmatic document generation as an HTTP service.
LaTTe makes it easy for developers to quickly add professional looking PDFs to their web applications using LaTeX and JSON. Designed with extensibility and modularity in mind, LaTTe includes a custom build script and leverages the Go language's build system to easily allow developers to create custom builds and Docker images of LaTTe to fit their needs.

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Subseries Web App
A dynamic, 100% client-side single-page web app for constructing, evaluating and plotting millions of subseries of holomorphic functions in real time. Written using ReactJS, this web app makes use of both of the HTML 5 canvas elements contexts, WebGL and 2d.

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A macOS app for splitting a PDF into smaller PDFs based on the table of contents. Can save PDFs in a structured directory that reflects the structure of the table of contents.
Raspberry Pi Heater
A linux kernel module for the Raspberry Pi; used for driving a high temperature heating element. Presents the heating element and a thermocouple as a device file on the file system. Has built in safety features to protect from end user errors in industrial applications.
LWP Splitter
A fully containerized backend for a web app for studying roots of Littlewood polynomials. Store labeled data in a PostgreSQL database, ready to be used to train machine learning models. Provides a RESTful API for controlling the data generation process. Can also create plots of query results.
This Site
A static web site, meant to serve as an online portfolio. Made using HTML 5, CSS, Javascript and the Materialize CSS library.
A terminal emulator that lives in your mac's menu bar. Use the hotkey to bring up the input bar and type in your shell command; then just fire and forget! Your command will be run, with its output supressed. If you do wish to see the output of your command, you can check via the menu bar.
Subseries Desktop App
A cross-platform app written in python for constructing, evaluating and plotting millions of subseries of holomorphic functions in parallel. Uses OpenCL and OpenGL interoperably to compute and render the fractal images.
Are you a teacher who hates the process of posting announcements to the BlackBoard learning management system? Do you ever wish you could just email your class that announcement? BBMail is a server application that posts announcements to BlackBoard on your behalf! Just email BBMail your announcement, with the course you wish to post to in the subject, and BBMail takes care of the rest.
A command line app for rendering fractals from iterated function systems right in your terminal. Cliifs can render both 1D and 2D fractals from linear functions. Simply give cliifs a text file with the coefficents of each function, and it will plot the fractal in your terminal. Supports color, emoji, and animations!