My name is Raphael Reyna, most recently working as lead software engineer at The Recovery Watchdog (currenlty seeking employment due to COVID-19).
I very much enjoy programming in general but web services and number crunching on GPUs are the two areas that really hold my attention. Hardware is also something I enjoy working with and I make small gizmos/devices with my 3D printer and soldering iron on my spare time.
For my most recent position, I designed, developed and deployed the backend for a patient management system for addiction-treatment centers and therapists, while also leading frontend development. While in college, I gained experience in scientific and parallel computing on the GPU as well as developing Linux kernel modules. I enjoy making software to share with others, all which can all be found in my GitHub repos.
~~~ Currently seeking employment ~~~
I currently hold a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, along with a minor in physics; I am also currently working towards an M.S. in Pure Mathematics, which I expect to receive this summer. Outside of this, I have also attended and completed graduate courses in machine learning, data science, and time series. I have done research in fractal geometry and complex analysis, as well as given talks on the results.